Prickly Rose

In Sitka Rose (Charlesbridge, 2005), readers met the legendary Sitka, an adventurer whose travels bring her across the Alaskan wilderness. In this new book by Shelley Gill–an adventurer and traveler in her own right–we are introduced to another member of the Rose family: Sitka’s rambunctious little sister, Prickly.

Prickly Rose is tired of being left behind when Sitka goes off on yet another adventure. Determined to follow in her big sister’s huge footsteps, Prickly sets off–with tumultuous results. As she tromps across Alaska, Prickly fires up a volcano, gives the earth a mighty shake, and whips up a tsunami. Even little sisters can have a big impact in this original Alaskan tall tale.

Fun, lyrical verse will energize readers and inspire them to try their own hand at rhyming tales, while Judy Love’s bright and lively illustrations provide hilarious visuals for this charming story.