Ghostly Campfire Stories

Summary: “Ghostly Campfire Stories of Western Canada” is a spine-tingling collection of supernatural tales and eerie encounters masterfully curated by Barbara Smith. Set against the stunning backdrop of Western Canada, this anthology features spine-chilling stories that delve into the region’s rich folklore and showcase its unique, mysterious charm. With a mix of both well-known legends and lesser-known tales, Smith presents an unforgettable journey into the world of the paranormal that will captivate readers and leave them questioning the boundaries between reality and the unknown.

Appeal to Western Canada visitors: This book is an ideal companion for those traversing the beautiful landscapes of Western Canada, offering a fascinating glimpse into the region’s ghostly lore and supernatural history. As they explore the breathtaking vistas, readers will be enthralled by the otherworldly encounters and spine-chilling tales that have shaped the area’s cultural identity. “Ghostly Campfire Stories of Western Canada” provides an unforgettable way for visitors to engage with the region’s mysterious past while gathering around a crackling campfire under the vast, starry sky