Call of Alaska

Al Oster is a music composer/song-writer/artist who arrived in the Yukon in 1957 and became an instant victim of the SPELL. He immediately recognized the history and legends of this land as a sleeping giant of wealth for heritage preservation and began writing musical ballads soon after arrival.

Gamblers, miners and colourful folklore reside in his lyrics. The subjects of his music hearken to a time recently passed and gone forever. Most of his music centers around the beautiful and majestic Northlands of Canada and Alaska.

Primarily based on true legends and historical facts. Oster’s music has achieved national recognition with numerous awards and honours. Celebrating Canada’s historical heritage and frontier spirit since 1957 and along with musical contemporaries Johnny Horton, Gordon Lightfoot and Stompin’ Tom Connors, Al Oster has been a true North American music innovator and an ambassador of the Northland with all its mystery and magic.